January 29, 2013

Okay, I need to confess my obsession with this sponge. Possibility my obsession is border line crazy. But seriously. I have never found a tool that works as well as this does for putting on foundation. I use it for pretty much anything liquid from moisturizer to cream bronzers. The application is FLAWLESS! (just don't forget to clean it in between uses if you plan to switch products during application.) I wash mine with cleaner after every application but in between products on same application I usually just spray with a water bottle into a towel & watch the product come out. Always make sure it's slightly damp. Put water on it while pulsing it getting the water inside & watch it expand..like magic, no really they should consider it magic for how fabulous it is! 
Go try it, you won't regret it...i dare you! 
get it here

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