September 29, 2015

foundation roundup reviews

Most people don't know but i went to makeup artistry school & I am a certified makeup artist. I have always loved makeup so much & I am such a foundation junkie. I am always on the search for that perfect foundation that just glides on your skin with a airbrush flawless look. I feel like I have tried dang near every kind out there, from high end to drugstore. Here are my thoughts on every foundation I own & hopefully it will help you out next time you are considering a foundation. I do have dry skin, more of an olive/neutral skin tone, I would say I am in the medium spectrum [fair, light, medium, tan, dark]

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk- Perfection. I was constantly hearing makeup artist rave about this foundation, it is a splurge but you get what you pay for with this product. It is ultra smooth and glides so nicely on the skin. It dries into a natural matte with minimal dewy glow. I would say this is medium to full coverage & very build-able. I love this foundation, currently its my holy grail but I can't afford it to be my "everyday" foundation. I save it for best. 
NARS All Day Luminous Weightless- the packaging on this product is amazing. I am a sucker for packaging and i love it. This is a natural looking foundation, medium to full coverage. It can been worn sheer with a light layer using a beauty blender. I feel like this is more on the matte side, no shimmer. Not so much dewy either. The only downside I saw with this foundation was by the end of the day it did start to crease around my mouth [laugh lines] & i felt like i had to touch it up with powder. But that was at the very end of the day, it lasted great throughout the day. It blends so well. I do recommend using a heavier moisturizer if you have dry skin, let it sink in for at least 5 minutes before applying foundation. 
Makeup Forever HD- This is my everyday foundation for the most part. It is one of the best foundations for pigment. It easily blends to your skin tone. I love that i don't have to use a lot of this to achieve a medium to full coverage look. It kind of blurs my pores without that cakey look. Its pretty skin like natural finish. [my color N127]

Estee Lauder Double Wear- This foundation is on the heavier side for me. You don't need to use much to get a good coverage. The important thing with this is to make sure you get color matched, if you get the wrong shade its pretty hard to blend. Unlike the Makeup Forever if you are off a shade it won't show as much. But this foundation does exactly what it says, stays in place. It doesn't smudge or move around. & lasts all stinkin' day. No retouching required.  It is very matte, no shine\dewy look. If you have normal\oiler skin this might be a great foundation for you. I do have dry skin so it was a little heavy if i didn't use a cream moisturizer. But overall, I would probably repurchase this foundation. [my color 3N1]
Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage- This is such a weightless, almost mousse like foundation. But it does come very thick so you get surprised with how light it feels on your face. It gives kind of a soft focus look, dries like a powdery finish. This would also be great for normal\oiler skin. If you are drier like me, use a cream\oil moisturizer first & either use an extra layer of moisturizer under your eyes or use a good eye cream. It can magnify the signs of aging if you have drier skin. If you love the matte look, no need to set with powder. If you would like a little more dewy finish, try using some MAC fix + up top. It is a full coverage foundation so it doesn't have a natural finish but does cover up imperfections well. & remember to BLEND well with this. [my color medium sand]
Full Coverage MAC- This has a thick creamy consistency. Comes in a compact, so what works best is using a damp beauty blender & dab product on. Start out with little & work your way up. It is very full coverage. It blends out great & delivers a creamy finish. I like this because it is best for normal\dry skin. It covers all imperfections. Definitely not a matte or natural finish. The tricky thing with MAC is staying away from orange tones. NW is neutral warm best for cool\pink tones & NC is neutral cool best for warm yellow tones.  I am more neutral so most the time i stick to C, it stands for Cool but honestly most MAC foundations can be a little on the warm side. Although the shade i have is [NC30] & it a great shade. 
MAC Mineralize Foundation- I'm not really sure why MAC calls this mineral because when i think of mineral makeup i think of Bare Minerals. But okay. Once again, this MAC foundation is very creamy. Blends well & stays in place fairly well. The finish is not powdery more dewy skin-like. This compact foundation is more on the light to medium coverage. I initially thought it would be medium to full but its not. Although it blends nicely into a great medium coverage while still maintaining a skin like finish. Not cakey. Best for normal\dry skin. [my shade NC30]
MAC Studio Fix {Powder}- Great coverage. Not super buildable for those with dry skin. Light to medium coverage while still masking pores/imperfections. This usually isn't my go to only because it tends dry out my drier areas. I use this as a "touch up" powder & it is GREAT. If you want some extra coverage with your liquid foundation, just set your foundation with this. Amazing. But using it as your only foundation is difficult for me. If you have oiler skin, this would be a great foundation. [my shade C4]
MAC Studio Fix Fluid- Silky texture, smooth application. Sets as a natural matte with very little shine (if you are going for light coverage) if you want more medium to full coverage it stills sets matte but its not a natural finish. I'm sure if you are into foundation you have heard of this. It is a holy grail to so many people. This use to be my everyday foundation, I still love it & wear it depending on the day & makeup look. This foundation is versatile in the sense, it can range from light to full coverage. Has a big variety of shades. [my shade C4.5]
MAC Matchmaster- So this foundation is suppose to have translucent pigments that match to your skins pigments. I don't think thats how this works although as you can see i have used almost all of it. Its a great foundation. I think the pigments in it as different than the MAC studio fix & just mesh with your skin tone so much better. Maybe more yellow tones in it. It looks natural, blends great into your skin. Coverage is medium but buildable. The finish is a natural matte, but has depth not dull. Great for breakout prone skin, the studio fix broke me out a little each time i used it. I have never had a problem with this foundation doing that.  [my shade 4.0]
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra- This is such a silky smooth texture when applying. This is VERY long wearing. I have actually purchased this twice & thats pretty big for me. It gives me amazing coverage that is buildable. It layers very well.  This claims to be more of a matte finish and it may be on some. But this gives me such a pretty natural, dewy satin (not shiney) finish.  Remember if you don't like the dewy look or have oily skin just set with a powder. [my shade bisque 6]
Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX- Smooth application probably due to the amount of silicones in the formula. Blending takes a little more work but it sets to a soft satin finish. Perfect for normal/dry skin. I would say light to medium coverage. Very skin like, not cakey. It claims to having anti aging properties in it but I haven't noticed a difference when using it consistently. I purchased this in the summer so my shade is a little too warm/dark for fall winter. Get color matched for this product if you can. [my shade light L4]
Bare Minerals Original- My absolute favorite powder foundation. I can't say enough good things about this. The end result of using this is a soft, natural, undeniably dewy finish. You wouldnt think you would get that with a powder. This is non drying, cakey, creasy, it doesn't form into fine lines/wrinkles. I have repurchased this product over & over and will continue to. One layer can cover imperfections amazing. The trick is to BUFF. Just buff buff till your little hand hurts ha. The one you buff it warms up the product and blends, spreads easier making it a flawless medium to full coverage without being cakey. But the great thing is if you want a more natural finish a light layer is so easy to achieve. Just start out with a little in your cap & you can work your way up. You will be surprised about how little it takes. This is my absolute go to makeup in the summer. I wear it in the winter as well but almost everyday in the summer. The shades are a very natural skintone. This is by far my husbands favorite foundation on me, he always notices when i am wearing it. One of the best things about this is the more you use it the better your skin looks, its like a makeup/skincare in one. [my shade medium beige/medium tan]
Bare Minerals Matte- The only difference with this & the original would be that it is best for oiler skin. It obviously leaves more of a matte finish rather than the dewy finish the original has. It also contains more minerals. 
Bare Minerals Ready (compact)- This is just a pressed powder version of the original foundation. Providing 108% increase in skin hydration. Although, i didn't see a difference in hydration while using this. It was actually drying on my skin. The finish a little thicker, the control of the product is a little harder. You have to use very little or you can put too much in one place. It doesnt buff out as well as original. I would choose the original over this a thousand times. But if you have oiler skin, this might be a good bet for you. [my shade medium beige]
Bare Minerals Bare Skin Brightening- I also love this in the summer, just a light layer gives great coverage. A soft dewy very natural finish. If you are looking for a full coverage foundation this probably isnt you best bet. But it is so nice to use under the bare minerals original powder. Amazing for dry skin. A very lightweight natural foundation. It wont cover up prominent imperfection. Doesn't crease in fine line/ wrinkles. Beauty blender is ideal when using this foundation. [my shade bare natural 07]
Loreal Infallible Pro Matte- This is probably the best drugstore foundation I have ever tried. It is VERY matte. But it is perfect for a long lasting makeup look, add a great highlighter to brighten it up if you like a dewy look. Those of you with dry skin, use a good thick moisturizer. It lasts all day then some. No need for touchups. Its pretty lightweight. I noticed it turns matte on your skin within seconds from applying. It still blends well but i wouldn't recommend dabbing it on & letting it sit. Medium to full coverage. If you need shine control this is will be your holy grail. [my shade 105]
Loreal True Match- I really am not a fan of this foundation at all. It does have a drier finish. Probably great for oiler skin. But those of us with dry skin, not a good mix. It emphasized my dry skin & pores. Makes lines around your eyes more apparent. Overall I just am not into this foundation. [my shade N4] 
For those of you that have an airbrush kit this is for you. I am obsessed with mine & wish i had the time to airbrush my foundation everyday. I love so much how flawless it turns out every time. 
Temptu- My favorite airbrush line, ever. It is so flawless & the coverage is incredible after one layer. This is the holy grail of airbrush makeup. They have water & silicone based makeup. It delivers a flawless, dewy, HD look. Silicone base is great for dry skin. Water based is best for oiler skin. If you want to use the silicone base just prep your skin really well. The airpod foundation is my absolute favorite. With that you have to purchase the whole kit that incorporates well with the pod. [my shade 004 sand]
Belletto Studio- This is amazing & affordable airbrush company/makeup. Ultra smooth application. Silky, HD finish. Hides imperfections perfectly. It layers so nice, as with any airbrush always start out with one layer & work your way up. Airbrush is all about controlling the makeup to achieve the look you want. It takes practice & this brand is perfect to start out with. They have a huge range of colors, blushes, eyeshadows etc. I have only used the foundation & have loved it. [my shade f4 & f5]
Luminess Air- This is the first airbrush makeup I tried. I love how dewy this makes your skin look. Such a pretty glow. I did feel like i had to layer this a little more than the other two to get a good coverage. Probably 2 layers of this vs 1 layer of Belletto. But it does layer nice. Most airbrush makeup isn't water proof but this one really isn't. I was outside & one drop hit my face and it made a streak down my face. That is probably the only draw back. It does photograph really well too. They have a huge range of different foundations as per your finish preference. [my shade fawn 5]

Whoa! That was so much but I really hope this was helpful when finding the perfect foundation for you. I am always looking for a great foundation so if you have any that you are LOVING leave a comment here, on my instagram @kaylouisejohnson or email me! 


September 23, 2015

s e v e n months || first tooth

Its so hard for me to believe that I have a seven month old. I heard moms say that time flies all the time before i had Oakley but I never realized how fast time slips through my fingers. When she was two months old & i was staying up all night sleeping in a rocking chair while holding her, I thought time was standing still. I would think about her being 6 months thinking it was so far away. Then last month happened, she was 6 months & I can't stop time. The best thing i have on my side is the fact i get to spend every single day & night with her. We have never spent more than two hours apart. Can it be like that till she is 18? Like i can go to school with her right?

Well here are some of my sweet babes milestones. She isn't crawling yet, she hates being on her knees. So she rolls & scoots her little body all around town. Girlfriend has abs of steal under that squishy belly, she can pull herself up like no ones business! She lays flat on the ground & next thing ya know she is sitting up straight. She is starting to pull herself to standing position. I'm not ready for her to be so mobile! 
She got her first tooth! It is the stinkin cutest thing in the world. And the best part is she hasn't been too sassy about it. She cries a little but she is honestly the happiest baby 90 percent of the time. It has cut all the way through & i'm obsessing over it. Her first tooth, ahhh so cute! It looks like the one next to it will come soon too.
She is still sleeping with mom & dad. And if i have any say in it she will stay there forever, i dont think i will ever be ready for her to sleep in her own bed. Her dad thought it was time like 5 months ago. I'm so paranoid that I feel & hear every sound she makes and it just makes me feel like she is the safest next to me. She still hasn't slept through the whole night, bummer. Not even once. I'm sure when it happens i will still be up every hour worried to why she hasn't woken up yet. 
She LOVES her pups, our chocolate lab never leaves her side. He lays with her on the ground & lets her pull his face, ears and tail. Its the cutest. 
Loves bath time, but hates getting dressed after. Still a fan of her swing, jumparoo & door jumper. And her favorite ever is MILK. I'm still BF & hope so much to make it to a year! She eats baby food twice a day & doesn't seem to dislike any kind yet.
She isn't a fan of strangers, at all. She cries her little head right off whenever they try talking to her. 
She hates being put down, we have had a little bit of a struggle trying to get things done but its okay i love the cuddles. She reaches for me & it melts me. I love feeling needed. 
If you ask her where mom, dad, each pup is, she looks right at them.  
The best is she gives kisses! I ask her for kisses & she opens her mouth so big and leans in and puts it on my mouth. I die every time. Drool and all. Yah she drools, a lot. everywhere. 
She is now in 6-9 month clothes | Size 2 diapers | and is currently dressing better than me. 
I want to remember everything about her as a baby, every detail. 



September 21, 2015


I am absolutely dying over Oakleys outfit, I love flannel so much. The cutest instagram shop Pretty Little Bundles made her little plaid bundle. & let me tell you it is so soft, non itchy, & amazing quality. Her shirt is from Fly Bird Appreal & its on sale!
My outfit :: tee from Ezra + Eli | pants J Brand | flannel Target

I love getting pictures with my little family. They are moments & photos i will treasure forever. And Oakley was so stinkin' good. She is almost 7 months & such a happy baby. I think she is making up for being a little stinker & always crying when she was a tiny baby. It makes me so happy to see her smile. We had such a good sunday afternoon together!