September 25, 2013

another rave!

okay, this stuff is seriously too insanely not brag about. I am literally obsessed & want to buy out every single Sephora so i never run out. 
Who doesn't want their skin to look flawless after foundation? Isn't that why we try to hard to find the perfect kind, powder, liquid, etc. Then we drool & envy over all those celebs in the mags. Well let me just tell you this, this stuff is so amaze balls that you won't be envying those babes anymore. Their pictures are retouched & your skin is gonna look so great you wont need any retouching. Nope, not even gonna have to snap a second selfie, its gonna look that great. 

BONUS! It literally takes like 10 seconds. Boom, done with foundation. Killer right? I personally dont even need a finishing powder. It sets all on its own. I use Urban Decay Dew Me after just to make it last longer & to give my parched skin some dew. 
*Pull all your hair back. & all you blonde babes, cover those luscious locks! I just pin back a thin hand towel. The foundation can cover your hair in foundation & make it look like you got a little carried away. I learned that one the hard way.
* Moisturize, DUH! 
*Prime too, duh duh!
* If you need a concealer, use that first 
*If you get too much in one spot get a piece of tissue & gently dab till it fades.
* Your face feel tight? Use Urban Decay Dew me! you wont regret it. 
* Spray as many layers as you need!
*SHAKE SHAKE it before!
*You can use blush|bronzer|highlighter as you normally would but wait a couple mins first. Needs to be all the way dry.

you are beautiful. you are magical. believe it

do it with l o v e
you don't need to 
move mountains 
to make a difference.

today i'd like to make this post about a gal who absolutely made my day. I received the sweetest email from a gal expressing how i've made a difference in her life & somehow i have found a way to inspire this girl. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the glitz & glamour of style blogging. Focusing on the next fashion trend or what have you. That i tend to forget that it means more to me when someone says i've inspired them, even if it is in the smallest form, than it means to get the hottest bag or cutest jeans. The reason i start all my posts out with a quote is because i love starting with a positive vibe as well as ending as with a positive vibe. Its so important to try our hardest to beam positive and find the good out of every situation. And the power we hold in our words & actions can truly effect someones day. Lets use that power for good, try every day to brighten someone elses day. A kind word goes so far, but gets under used, we become complacent with the idea of not doing|saying kind things. We have made it a habit of not, so much so, that it feels unnatural or uncomfortable giving a compliment. Lets try harder to do it with ease & make it look so effortless that one day it becomes natural & instinctive driven by force of habit.

jacket || Target 
dress || dillards 
booties || rue21

jewels | Sticks & Stones
purse | target 

September 18, 2013

wild side

bad new is: you cannot make people
like, l o v e, understand, validate, accept, or be nice to you.
you cant control them either.

good news is: IT DOESN'T MATTER

bracelets || Sticks & Stones

tee || Brandy Melville 
fringe booties || Koolaburra 

September 15, 2013

blondes have more fun.

 every once in a while 
we get a  m o m e n t 
when all the world needs us to do
is stand there & 
S P A R K L E.

tee || Urban Outfitters 
skirt || Nasty Gal
sneaker wedges || UrbanOG

September 13, 2013

feelin' minty & coral compassion

too many people
what they are,
what they're not.

mint top || The Buckle
coral shorts || Couture Closet similar Buckle
coral wedges || old similar Pink Basis
gold coral bracelet || Bohme Boutique 

September 10, 2013

original cowboy

if you can't figure 
                       out your purpose, 
                          figure out your 
                        for your passion 
                    will lead you right into
                                  your purpose. 

tee | Windsor 
leggings || urban outfitters 
booties || F21 
necklace | sticks & stones 
ring | Etsy 
bracelet | F21 
hat | beach in Cabo San Lucas