December 22, 2015

makeup tips for mature skin

1. Moisturize. Do so much moisturizing. Hydration gives the skin an instant plump effect. It also makes the makeup go on so much better & smoother. If you have extra dry skin, do a exfoliate (try washcloth with coconut oil on it, amazing hydration exfoliate) before to get rid of any dry flakes then use a good cream moisturizer.
2. Prime. This is an important step for everyone but don't even try to skip it with mature skin. You will notice the biggest difference. Using a primer plumps up those wrinkles & makes sure foundation/powders don't crease in those fine lines. Not only that, it will make all your makeup stay in place.
3. Highlight. Just as light makes things stand out and dark pull things in. Highlighter is going to brings out the high places of your face & places the sun naturally hits, making a youthful glow. They also lift your face.
4. Liquid foundation. Powder foundation is going to be your nightmare. Keeping as much hydration in your face as possible. Powder will sink into those fine lines and wrinkles and only bring them out more. Creasing will become tragic. Use a yellow tone, it warms up the skin. The warmer the skin looks the younger. Use a beauty blender for best results
5. Concealer. Especially for under eyes, as we get older our under eyes tend to become darker. Use a rick eye cream after your moisturizer. Apply your foundation then battle the under eyes. Use a orange/peach tone concealer to tackle those dark colors, use only on the dark parts. Also use that concealer to cover age spots. Over that, apply a yellow concealer to bright up the area.
6. Eyeliner. Using a liquid eyeliner can be tricky on the eyes if they have a little more loose skin. It will drag and create an uneven line. Ope for a eyeliner pencil and smudge it in. Eyeliner on your lower eye is dangerous. I love just leaving the bottom with a little mascara & white/cream eyeliner in the waterline. If you are going to use black eyeliner on the bottom, just use a flat eyeliner brush and smudge a little black shadow on the lash line but don't go all the way across your eye. Stop a little more than half way, you want to keep your eyes wide. It creates a youthful appearance.
7. Eyebrows. When your a little older having that perfect high arch shouldn't be your goal. But having a subtle arch should be. Keeping your brows a little fuller is the best way to look youthful. Add some shape to them by making a small arch & clean up the rest of the brow but still maintaining the fuller look. Use powder to fill in any sparse areas, its bendable & more natural. Use a lighter tone of eyebrow powder, use light pressure.
8. Lips. As we get older you will start to see lips getting thinner. Best way to plump them up is a gloss. Opt for a nude or pink tone. Try to stay away from the darker hues as they tend to pull down your face.
9. Powder. Set your foundation with a translucent, light diffusing powder. Nothing with color/tinted. 10. Eyeshadow. Apply a brightening eyelid primer, MAC pot in Soft Ochre is the perfect shade. Apple your base color, pick a neutral cream\white to brighten up the eyes. With whatever color you use in the crease, apply almost like a square on the outer edge. Most the time you will make a swiping motion back and forth but try to make it a soft square edge. This will lift up the eye lid.

products used::
serum| Murad essential C Advanced radiance serum 

Moisturizer | 
Murad Age Balancing Night cream, used a night cream because it is heavier. 

Primer | 
Eye primer Cover FX

Face primer Becca Backlights Primer 

Foundation | 
Radiant Lifting Foundation
Too Faced born this way 

Concealer | 
Benefit Erase paste (peach concealer to conceal dark spots/dark circles) 
Concealer on top of the peach 
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Neutralizer 

Highlight | 
MAC light boost

Cream contour | 
the sculptor Tarte

Set lightly with Laura Mercier translucent 

Bronzer | 

Blush | 
dainty MAC

Highlighter | 
Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up 
MAC soft & gentle 

Eyes || 
Eye primer : Soft Ochre MAC Paint Pot
Eyeshadows: Morphe  35K 
Eyeliner: MAC eye pencil in black 
waterline : NYX white Jumbo pencil 
Mascara: Smashbox 

Lips ||
MAC Lip Pencil in Soar
Lipstick: MAC in Please Me 
Gerard Cosmetics gloss in Nude 
Use code [kay25] for money off! 

Set with MAC fix+ 


December 9, 2015

all black

hat :: Windsor Store
long sleeve:: Calvin Klein
vest:: Target
blank pants:: Forever21
boots:: Nordstrom

December 2, 2015

stripes + plaid

hat :: Gunny Sack Co.
jacket :: F21
tee :: Nordstrom
scarf :: Apricot Lane Boutique
jeans :: J Brand
booties :: Nordstrom

I am loving mixing patterns lately & can we take about this scarf? It is so versatile & can go with so many things. Its all about layers, especially with the temps a droppin'. Also, this has been my go to braid, its so easy! This hat helps with bad hair days & throw a braid in the mix and your all put together. Tutorial coming soon!


November 25, 2015

boho glow

M A K E U P::
primer | Becca Priming Filter
foundation | Makeup Forever HD
concealer | Bobbi Brown
setting powder | Laura Mercier
contour | Anastasia BH
bronzer | Bare Minerals\ Warmth
cream highlight | Benefit Watts Up
set with
highlight | Becca Opal

brows | ABH Brow Wiz
eyeshadow | Smashbox ShapeMatters in bronze & glow
lashes | Huda Beauty in Naomi
mascara | Too Faced
lipstick | Too Faced La Creme in Nude Beach

O U T F I T::
tee | similiar Here
cardigan | buckle similar here
sweater | F21
pants | Alloy
booties | Dottie Couture
bar necklace | Purely Ethereal
bangles | Alex & Ani


November 13, 2015

goth vibes.

Hi babes! Dark goth lips are so fall right now. I thought I would do a quick round up on this makeup look. Let me know if y'all would like a hair tutorial on this updo braid. I swear i am going to start doing hair tutorials since i get asked to do them often. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do them, so if you have any tips please share them! email me/comment to me on instagram @kaylouisejohnson  

foundation || MAC studio fix C 4.5
setting powder || Laura Mercier translucent 
contour || Anastasia BH Contour Kit light/medium 

brows || ABH Brow Wiz in taupe
eyelashes ||  Eyelashi in Stunner 
eyeliner || Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner in Black

lips || MAC Lip Pencil in Nightmoth
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Guess 


November 6, 2015

how to grow your hair 101

how to say bye bye to hair extensions

I haven't had to wear extensions for over a year now & i am so excited about it. Don't get me wrong, i love me some good extensions. But it is so stinkin nice not having to put them in everyday, especially when you have a baby. Like who got time for that? I get asked so many times if i'm wearing extensions or how i have gotten my hair to grow & look healthy. For being a blonde! All you blondies know what I'm talking about. The breakage, the dryness, those bangs that weren't intentional. You feel me, i know you do. So I have put together some tips that i have done the past year to be able to not wear extensions anymore, but not only that having healthy thick hair. Now I have naturally always had thick hair, but its actually thick at the ends as well. And i have noticed that it has gotten thicker.  So here's some tips then i will post what i take as supplements. 

1. Don't blow dry your hair if you don't HAVE to. Try showering at night, let your hair air dry as much as you can before going to bed then put it up in a bun. The next morning gently brush your hair, put in a good smoothing serum & style. My favorite is Moroccan Oil- Light it is AMAZING, i get the light because it is best for blondes. You will see a huge difference in how the integrity of your hair feels just from this. 
2. Don't brush your hair when its wet. Pick through it if you must, I love the Wet Brush but i still don't use it when my hair is wet. I wait till its dry then put the Moroccan Oil in. 
3. Use a good hair mask, I use the Olaplex Step 3 your best option is to check with your stylist & purchase it straight from them. The whole Olaplex system is AMAZING for blondes. Google it if you haven't heard about it or ask your stylist. It has saved my hair. If you aren't blonde or super damaged try Moroccan Restorative Mask smells amazing & works great. 
4. Use the Olaplex system when you are dying your hair. 
5. Use a sulfate free shampoo. I love Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner  
6.  Put your hair in a bun or braid it at night.
7. Give yourself a scalp massage, dry & wet in the shower with shampoo. Stimulate the blood flow, helps nutrients get to your hair follicles fast. 
8. Getting a trim won't make your hair grow faster but taking off your split ends HELPS you so it doesn't keep breaking up the hair strand. Small trim does the trick. 
9. Go as long as you can without washing your hair, I understand some people have greasier hair & can't. Thats what dry shampoo is for. I can usually for 4-5 days without washing my hair, but my hair is naturally pretty dry & doesn't get greasy. But I still use dry shampoo. 
10. When you do wash your hair, shampoo ONLY at the base of your hair. The shampoo will run down your hair when you wash it out & thats all you need. You don't want to stripe the natural oils from the middle to ends of your hair. Use conditioner everytime & leave it on for at least 3 minutes. Sometimes I condition my hair twice. And when you wash out the conditioner, use cooler water. When using shampoo use warmer water that opens up the cuticle to remove all the buildup, using cooler water after conditioner seals the cuticle. 

Also a BIG part is the supplements I use. 
you can get hairfinity here 
pick up some prenatals at local drugstore (i am nursing still so thats why i still take these, but TONS of people take them without being pregnant/nursing, but a good multivitamin will do the trick)
i just ran out of my biotin so my other bottle of this is on its way to me, you can get it here 

October 23, 2015

8 m o n t h Oakley

every month goes by so quick that when it comes the 23rd i am awe of how fast it came along. My sweet little babe is 8 months already. She is coming into her own & i love watching her experience new things for the first time. She has learned to crawl but absolutely hates it, she would rather scoot herself around. & oh boy can that girl get around. I am now resorting to putting up a gate or she loves getting into the dogs dish & all the drawers. She keeps me on my toes! Its big such a big month developmentally. She completely stands herself up, is starting to walk along the couch. Walks when you hold her hands. Has both her bottom teeth completely popped through, the top one is cutting. She has been a pretty sad teething girl at times but overall such a stinkin' happy baby. She is such a little dancer, holy cow she loves to shake it. & sing, its the cutest when she screams/sings while shaking her head. It totally puts her in a trance when you sing to her, even my ugly singing voice she loves. She's the nicest. Little gabber box she is while makin bubbles with her mouth. Loving baby einstein & other babies/dolls. Loves to clap, wave & pet the pups. Still a little thumb sucker, unfortunately. But it soothes her & i'm okay with that. I had someone say that 'oh they suck their thumb because their mom didn't catch it in time & put a stop to it' I knew she was doing it, she wouldn't take a binkie to save my life. She was miserable, she cried a ton when she was a newborn. & at first she took a binkie but it was like overnight she refused. I'm sorry if it soothes my baby who was a constant crier, blame me all you want. I don't care. I will deal with it later on but right now it is what it is.
I love how curious she is, so alert. She always has been. Still adores her doggies & being outside.
There isn't much she doesn't like at this point, well besides squash. Oh man she hates that stuff. & isn't a fan of getting dressed after bath. Still hates being put down, but i don't complain about that i love the extra cuddles. When she is teething badly, she only wants her mama. I love feeling needed. She says 'mama' & 'dada' but she has been saying 'dada' for the longest time but come on, actually knowing the meaning behind saying that is another thing. But now she looks at both of us & says it. Also says ' Go Go' but i think its just her gibberish.
Size 2 diapers (in the Honest company brand) | 6 month clothing | Size 2 shoes |
Still blue eyed babe & getting so much more hair! YAY!
She is the most precious thing in this world & i love watching her blossom. She is the best thing that has ever been mine.


October 21, 2015

a day at the pumpkin patch

We had so much fun at the pumpkin patch! I absolutely love this time of year. Its even better getting to experience it with Oakley. 
Oaks Outfit \\ 
leather skinnies Lacy Jane Lane 

My Oufit ||
top \ target 
leather leggings Dottie Couture Boutique
booties Koolaburra 

October 13, 2015

oaks mixing florals

you guys how cute are these shorts? my friend Terri & her Mother in law opened up an incredible etsy shop. Handmade and hand curated children clothing. The quality of these clothes are impeccable. The designs are so classic, timeless yet unbelievably unique. The dresses are to die for! Check them out at Cedar Road Trading Company & on instagram at

shirt \ Old Navy
bloomers \ Cedar Road Trading Co.
boots \ Tiny Toms