January 31, 2013

aint my first rodeo

this ain't my first rodeo. Amen! i fell in love with this tee the second it caught my eye. for one thing, its a saying my mom has used my whole life. & i find myself saying it an excessive amount. the look literally took 30 mins max. including hair, makeup, outfit. 

get up-
tee- Target (woot woot) 
shorts- Old Levi jeans i made into shorts & sewed lace on the bottom & sides
socks- Steve Madden
suspenders- D.I. heck yes $ .50

primer- Laura Mercier Radiance 
foundation- MAC studio fix 
concealer- erase paste by Benefit 
setting powder- Laura Mercier Invisible setting powder
Lips- Urban Decay Lip Primer/ MAC lipstick in Most Popular/ Vaseline on top for moisture & tone down to more of a natural color. 
Eyes- MAC eye pencil in Ebony on water line of top & bottom lash line then smudged down. 
Mascara- Betty Opulash Optimum in Black

section by section i used my TIGIPro Fat Curl Stick. I left every curl the way it was when i let it go after wrapping it around the wand.I leave about an inch or two inches of my hair at the bottom out. No combing or fingering through it. After doing all my hair i spray it with hairspray. Then i run my fingers through the curls to loosen it up. Then i parted my hair down the middle. Teased it all on top. left about 2 inches of bangs out. Combed through the teasing & smoothed it out. Pinned back both sides just to back of my ear. Then re-curled my bangs. Spray & go!  
get it here

January 30, 2013

so you remember that one time when i told you i'm obsessed with graphic tees. i'm guilty. again. i'm not sure how if some people realize exactly how effortless it can be to make a statement. seriously though, throw on a cute graphic tee, beanie, stack of bracelets, leggings, boots. that just took 7 minutes tops.
tank- Brandy Melville 
the tank is sold out but you can find the tee version here
beanie- Urban Outfitters find it here

you are about to find out how much i simply ADORE brandy melville. obsessed. 

i wanna love like Johnny & June
foundation- MAC Matchmaster
Cheeks- Smashbox contour kit 
MakeUp Forever HD finishing powder 
lips- MAC Cyber Lipstick  
t-shirt- they sold out where i got this tee but i was able to find it here
Amazon, $17.95
Necklace- Similar here
Forever 21, $19.80

January 29, 2013

Born Reckless

Born Reckless
Sometimes you just want to have those days of feeling edgy & reckless. I mean come on, this is your chance to be a little bit of both! Take chances, take a lot of them. Live a little reckless, fall down sometimes. Just don't ever forget to get back up again. I promise you will be more disappointed by what you didn't do than by what you did do. Take chances. Right now, go! 
exhale hate, inhale love.

Tee- Forever 21
Necklace- Buckle 
Ring-  rings & things found here

I'm so bad I'm good

You know those summer days that never seem to be long enough? So you find yourself not wanting to waste hours on getting ready when you can be out living that big beautiful life of yours. Well for days like that.. Throw on a vintage tee ( i always suggest a graphic tee with a pop) an old part of shorts (again I suggest add a little flare on them, like these ones I bleached the bottom on my J brand shorts to give it a little edge) put on some cute little military boots & always add a stack of bracelets. You will come to know I have a deep love & obsession for bracelets. You thought Emily Maynard was bad with her bracelet swag..you just wait. Oh & I'm completely obsessed with Emily Maynard too. Have you seen her? Gosh, who wouldn't be. You'll come to find out, I have an excessive amount of obsessions. Sorry I'm not sorry :) 
Tee- forever 21 
Shorts- J Brand with a splash of bleach 
Boots- Steve Madden 
Sunnies- Oakley (my ex boyfriend was a babe for scoring me these, they are my fave) 
Okay, I need to confess my obsession with this sponge. Possibility my obsession is border line crazy. But seriously. I have never found a tool that works as well as this does for putting on foundation. I use it for pretty much anything liquid from moisturizer to cream bronzers. The application is FLAWLESS! (just don't forget to clean it in between uses if you plan to switch products during application.) I wash mine with cleaner after every application but in between products on same application I usually just spray with a water bottle into a towel & watch the product come out. Always make sure it's slightly damp. Put water on it while pulsing it getting the water inside & watch it expand..like magic, no really they should consider it magic for how fabulous it is! 
Go try it, you won't regret it...i dare you! 
get it here

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink 

Lets talk makeup now! 
Foundation- Temptu Airbrush 
Concealer- Bobbie Brown creamy concealer in light peach
Blush- NARS in Orgasm
Makeup Forever HD finishing powder 
Mascara- Diorshow 
I lined the inner corners of my eyes with White Frost MAC eye shadow
Brows- Anatasisa Golden Blonde Duo Powder 
Lips- MAC Bombshell with Bare Minerals Cupcake Gloss