February 27, 2013

 people tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck,
something that will descend lie fine weather if you're fortunate.
but happiness is the result of personal effort.
you fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it,

and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it.
you have to participate relentlessly.

tee- urban outfitters here
jeans- buckle(old) similar here
boots f21 (old) similar here

a little arm candy action goin' on. created by yours truly! check out my shop at etsy boots class and a lil sass


hair- bohemian lazy look 
braid bangs back. then i left the front of my hair out(all hair in front of your ears)  pull the rest back into a messy messy bun. bobby pin the heck outta it to make it look decent. the hair you left out, wrap around a curling wand if you have one, if not thats cool, use your reg curling iron (do not leave on more than 5 seconds) leave 1 inch of the bottom of the strand around the curling iron. piece through it. & tease all of it a little. pin some pieces back & leave some out.

                                                     boots class & a lil sass


February 24, 2013

my granny rocks.

if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face
like sunbeams & you will 
always look lovely.-Roald Dahl 
i need to take a few moments to brag up my granny. she made these pants! 
from scratch. 
get out right?!
i hope in this lifetime i can gain even a fracture of talent that she had. 
crop vest f21 here; white tank f21 here


February 20, 2013

baby its cold outside

life is a balance of 
holding on&& letting go.

dress found here at Fashion Union $23; hunter boots nordstrom found here
'be curious. not judgemental'- walt whitman 

faux leather jacket; f21 found here $28


February 18, 2013

"flair- a primitive kind of style-may be innate but i think knowledgeable taste is learned, the result of travel, experience, living, education."-
Albert Hadley

beanie- cottonon (mens)
similar one found here
tee-  similar  here $12.50
zip up- here $19.95 
jeans- hollister (from high school, for real)
i scored this super sweet belt on ebay for 5 bucks! 
& obviously these jeans have been through a lot of years. so on most of the rips I patched them with white lace & just doubled the fabric. extended these babies at least a couple more years :)


February 14, 2013


she lives life in her own little fairytale

today i was lucky enough to do a fun little photo shoot with an amazing photographer that made me feel nothing short of a princess. & thats how i like to spend my Valentines ;)

i did my own hair & make up//heres a few selfies  

i wanted to do something light & fun. 
foundation-temptu airbrush 
blush- bare minerals vintage peach (seriously one of my absolute faves)
no eyeliner
Two Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara 
(ahhh i love this mascara it honestly leaves nylon extensions on your lashes to make them long & thick. you can apply more than one top & layer it to make them longer. its amazing. i rarely use it because i'm such a freak about saving things for "special occasions" but its for sure worth the money! disclaimer: it is pretty rough to remove without eye makeup remover)
found here
brows- Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ash Blonde/Taupe 
found here
i always start out with Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched its clear & moisturizers in seconds! 
no one likes putting on lipstick on chappy lips, yikes. whatamess
lipstick- MAC Full Fuchsia 
(unfortunately its only a PRO product but here is one VERY familiar by Maybelline in Fuchsia Flash, it is very vivid & bright and stays on so well. you wont be disappointed & you can find it at your local drugstore..SCORE)

i sure hope ya'll had a magnificent Valentines day!


February 12, 2013

Hair Extensions

hair extensions
(dont judge my no makeup look, its fine)

lets get serious here..
some of us just aren't born with naturally perfect hair,
& sometimes we need a little help.
i'm not ashamed 
i could seriously write a book on hair extensions. i swear i have tried EVERY single kind there is. 
so here is my low down on them.
this is my NATURAL hair, no extensions whatsoever.(dont judge my nasty hair color under there)
notice how thin it is midshaft(middle area) to ends?
well thats due to a razor. NEVER let anyone who doesn't know how to use a razor cut your hair. 
i'm serious. its dangerous. my hair has never been the same since. 
i have naturally VERY course & curly hair. lions mane, i tell ya. 
so its been pretty difficult to find good extensions that are thick enough to match up with my natural hair. so i've been around the block with trying different kinds of hair. so i've ended up finding a good brand & making my own little weft. 
so to make mine thick enough i had to combine 4 wefts into one clip, mainly just to make it easier to put in & out rather than taking the time to put each one in individually, but it all depends on your hair. i'm all about short cuts when the end product rocks. 
i actually put the 4 on top of each other like in the picture & literally sewed them together. 
with a sewing machine. those babies aren't coming apart. 
then i just hand sewed 3 clips to the top row. i found the clips at sallys beauty supply. they also sell thick thread there thats for sewing in hair extensions that i use to hand tie the clips on. i put the weft about 2 inches above my ear like this.
obviously i layered them in with my natural to give more volume and layers. you cant really tell right now because i need to get my roots done bad! arg, i swear i was born blonde, but someone forgot to tell my hair that. but i dye the top of my hair extension weft about 2 shades darker than the ends that way it looks more natural as my hair grows out & not bright blonde. 
and this is the end result. obviously i need to style it more but it just blends in so much better. if you just want to add a little volume & not very much length, i recommend clip ins for sure. Its so much easier to just take them out & put them in wherever you feel that you need the volume/length. Sometimes i'll put in a few clips ins on the side of my hair also if i feel i need it. 
if your goal is to get more length i would recommend skin wefts, they have a strip of tape on my side & you attach it as close as you can to your scalp with a line piece of your natural hair then put another on facing down on top of it & kinda sandwich your natural hair. its not heavy on your natural hair, i believe it is the safest way to go with minimal if ANY hair loss. they are super easy to remove & they are only about two inches long so you can place them in the direction of your natural hair flow. so they dont just like stringy. 
second option would be mirco-beading, they are pretty time consuming to put in & you end up having to put a ton in if your looking for length. plus if they aren't done correctly, you will end up losing quite a bit of natural hair. so be careful! & stay away from GLUE hair extensions!!! yikes! 
- always put your hair in a braid at night if you have permanent extensions.
-if you do swimming, ALWAYS put leave-in conditioner in first 
-try not to use liquid shampoo on them because it strips the natural oils they have when you first get them, out, obviously they arent attached to your scalp so they dont get those oils like our natural hair does.  
-try not to wash them everyday, sometimes i go 2-3 times without washing my hair & just use a dry shampoo. but if you have oily hair & need to wash you can just try not to use a shampoo that lathered a lot. they tend to strip the hair more. 
-DEEP condition! if you have permanent extensions dont get the conditioner near the scalp, start 3 or so inches down to ends.
-at first its hard not to cut them up a lot to make them blend esp at the ends. but try not to, go to someone who has been trained and certified in extensions to get them cut. no matter how thick they are when you get them, the ends will always get thinner with time so be care with how much you decide to cut off the ends. 
-try to air dry them at least 30 percent then ALWAYS blow dry them in a downward direction. the cuticle on the hair needs to be smoothed down. once it is pushed up, thats where the matting starts and the tangles! 
-never go to bed with wet hair! try to at least dry them as much as you can.
-use a soft bristle brush and always start at the ends of your hair and work your way up when brushing.
bed head rockaholic dirty secret dry shampoo 
find it here
knot genie in fairy pink brush 
find it here
pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner (the best for hair extensions!!! so worth it)
find it here


February 11, 2013

Geek Street

Kelly Kapowski you babe.
'Jessie lets go get lost'
i take it back to the 90's
&& love every second of it

never a slater hater, always love me a zack attack


tee- target (boys tee, don't even care)
coral zip up- cotton on
glasses-cotton on
sneaks- urbanog

February 8, 2013

Leopard Lovin' 

tank- American eagle
skirt- rue 21
knee socks- TJ Maxx

face paint-

foundation- MAC studio fix foundation C4
contour- MAC Harmony blush (apply under cheek bones from hair line to an inch away from mouth in down ward strokes)
highlighter- Yves Laurent touché éclat in 3.5
makeup forever setting powder
MAC paint pot in bare study
Loreal Quad shadows in Smokey Eyes
Diorshow mascara

Lips in MAC Blankety

February 7, 2013

i see them bloom for me & you
& i say to myself,
what a wonderful world
tee- Forever 21 found here
jeans- J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny found here
pink mascara 

boots- Fringe Cowboy Boots found here
UrbanOG $39.20 


February 6, 2013

Hipsta Please

Who says you can't rock sweats & look cute at the same time? Comfort & Cute is a look I can get behind!

beanie- urban outfitters
top crop- alloy
sweats- cotton on
kicks- sneaker wedge Urban OG
(seriously obsessed with their shoes, I will struggle buying shoes from anywhere else! super stellar prices & fab quality)