March 29, 2013

fresh kiss of morning dew

she took a leap,
& built her wings on the way down.

i had the best time yesterday shooting this promo photo shoot
for a Style Me Couture(coming soon) how amazing is this
flower halo? Tiffany is amazing. I will be posting the second
her website is up & running. I'm obsessed so i just know you will be too. 
i did my own hair & makeup. 
i already have crazy curly wavy uncontrollable lions mane hair,
so its all about taming the mane enough to make it
look more like beach waves rather than i spend the morning with my hand in a 
light socket. 
Let it air dry like 80% (if you don't have time, use a diffuser) put leave in conditioner in. (avoid brushing & combing it) when you feel like somewhat dry, use a texture spray. I love Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Sea Spray. Avoid using any other smoothing serums till the very end. After spraying it with texture spray, scrunch the crap out of it & keep spraying. I mix in finishing hair spray also. Use a diffuser again (if you don't have curly hair already) you can go back through with a small barrel curing iron & wrap a few pieces around the wand, leaving 2 inches of the ends out. Then finger through your hair & finish it off with finishing shine hair spray & a shine serum (i love Pureology Shine Max) 
Pureology Shine Max, Amazon
Paul Mitchell Sea Spray, Amazon

Bead Head Headrush Spray Amazon


March 26, 2013


good looks fade
but a good heart 
keeps you beautiful 

jacket(old) similar Target
scarf (soldout) similar Etsy
tee-i made it (tutorial soon)
jeans- True Religion similar & cheaper at  Free People
boots On Sale at Urban OG

March 24, 2013

stop looking out, start looking in, be your own best friend

"i live my life like theres no tomorrow"
-running with the devil
Van Halen

necklace f21
rings & bracelet Etsy
USA belt buckle(gift) similar here
stop looking out, start looking in, be your own best friend.

                                                                   tee ( sold out) similar
                                                                      boyfriend jeans Urban Outfitters sale $29
                                                                   red cowboy booties DND $21.99 (similar)
                                                                      flannel target


March 22, 2013

shine bright

the secret of change is to focus 
all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old,
but on building the new.

sweater (old) similar here Buckle
charcoal leggings F21 
knew high stripe soaks Target
boots Hunter 


March 21, 2013

maddy babe

                                   WEAR PINK & MAKE THE BOYS WINK!
what a little diva right? her name is Maddy & i am lucky enough to be related to this lil babe!
if you know anything about me, you know i am obsessed, with my nieces & nephew. 
i am the proudest aunt you'll ever meet. 
be jealous.


March 20, 2013

line them lips

this post is all about lip liners. i love love them! a lot of people get scared of using them because they don't want that huge contrast between the lip liner & lip color. i was the same way, but after taking a MAC cosmetic makeup artist course & actually learned how to do it, properly. i can't get enough of them. they make your lips look fuller, more volume, makes your lipstick not run over the edges, also it can make your lipstick stay on longer acting like a stain underneath. 
applying- wait until the very end of your makeup application. Use makeup remover/warm water & a q-tip to remove everything on your lips(in case you painted your lips with foundation like i do everyday) let it dry. i personally love doing a lip scrub( Victoria secret makes a fab one called PRO Smooth FX Lip Scrub get it here) or use a toothbrush! seriously, it works so stinkin' well, just scrub your lips with it for about a minute or more if you like. Sometimes i even put a little sugar on the toothbrush, run some water over it & scrub away. AMAZING exfoliate for your lips. 

Then dry em' off, use a thin moisture lip balm, i love Maybelline Baby lips in Quenched. 
now would be the time to use a lip primer or lip erase. heres the two i love

Lip Primer Potion; Urban Decay
MAC  Lip Erase in Dim
now here are my top 3 FAVE lip liners along with lip color
1a. Beautique Lip Liner in Dusty Rose & only $1.50!!! this is by far the one i use the most. I feel it gives you just a shade darker color than your natural so it stands out but not too much. & it honestly lasts so long. Pick it up at your local Sallys Beauty! this picture is just outlined with lip liner. 1b this picture is with the lip liner filled in completely. 1c lip liner filled in completely with Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine on top, i love that color its similar to the lip liner color so you can reapply throughout the day & keep your lips moisturized & get that color still.
Beautique Lip Liner in Dusty Rose
Maybelline Baby Lips Grape Vine

2a MAC Lip Pencil in Soar (just outlined) 2b Soar with MAC Lipstick in Fanfare 2c Soar & Fanfare with Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched 
MAC Fanfare
MAC Soar

3a MAC lip liner in Oak (just outlined) 3b Oak with MAC Myth Lipstick 3c Oak & Myth with Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss 
MAC Myth
Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss 


March 18, 2013

camo 101

doubt kills more dreams
than failures ever will.

tee f21 layered with black hoodie under
denim jacket(i made mine out of a old denim coat) similar here
leggings (old) similar found at the adorable Style Lately store! 
boots URBAN OG


March 5, 2013


shoes are just pedestal. what interests me 
is the power of the woman who wears them.
-christian louboutin 

top Urban Outfitters $19
watch Michael Kors, Tory Burch bracelet 
purse Prada
Nude Christian Louboutins