January 29, 2013

I'm so bad I'm good

You know those summer days that never seem to be long enough? So you find yourself not wanting to waste hours on getting ready when you can be out living that big beautiful life of yours. Well for days like that.. Throw on a vintage tee ( i always suggest a graphic tee with a pop) an old part of shorts (again I suggest add a little flare on them, like these ones I bleached the bottom on my J brand shorts to give it a little edge) put on some cute little military boots & always add a stack of bracelets. You will come to know I have a deep love & obsession for bracelets. You thought Emily Maynard was bad with her bracelet swag..you just wait. Oh & I'm completely obsessed with Emily Maynard too. Have you seen her? Gosh, who wouldn't be. You'll come to find out, I have an excessive amount of obsessions. Sorry I'm not sorry :) 
Tee- forever 21 
Shorts- J Brand with a splash of bleach 
Boots- Steve Madden 
Sunnies- Oakley (my ex boyfriend was a babe for scoring me these, they are my fave) 

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