December 22, 2015

makeup tips for mature skin

1. Moisturize. Do so much moisturizing. Hydration gives the skin an instant plump effect. It also makes the makeup go on so much better & smoother. If you have extra dry skin, do a exfoliate (try washcloth with coconut oil on it, amazing hydration exfoliate) before to get rid of any dry flakes then use a good cream moisturizer.
2. Prime. This is an important step for everyone but don't even try to skip it with mature skin. You will notice the biggest difference. Using a primer plumps up those wrinkles & makes sure foundation/powders don't crease in those fine lines. Not only that, it will make all your makeup stay in place.
3. Highlight. Just as light makes things stand out and dark pull things in. Highlighter is going to brings out the high places of your face & places the sun naturally hits, making a youthful glow. They also lift your face.
4. Liquid foundation. Powder foundation is going to be your nightmare. Keeping as much hydration in your face as possible. Powder will sink into those fine lines and wrinkles and only bring them out more. Creasing will become tragic. Use a yellow tone, it warms up the skin. The warmer the skin looks the younger. Use a beauty blender for best results
5. Concealer. Especially for under eyes, as we get older our under eyes tend to become darker. Use a rick eye cream after your moisturizer. Apply your foundation then battle the under eyes. Use a orange/peach tone concealer to tackle those dark colors, use only on the dark parts. Also use that concealer to cover age spots. Over that, apply a yellow concealer to bright up the area.
6. Eyeliner. Using a liquid eyeliner can be tricky on the eyes if they have a little more loose skin. It will drag and create an uneven line. Ope for a eyeliner pencil and smudge it in. Eyeliner on your lower eye is dangerous. I love just leaving the bottom with a little mascara & white/cream eyeliner in the waterline. If you are going to use black eyeliner on the bottom, just use a flat eyeliner brush and smudge a little black shadow on the lash line but don't go all the way across your eye. Stop a little more than half way, you want to keep your eyes wide. It creates a youthful appearance.
7. Eyebrows. When your a little older having that perfect high arch shouldn't be your goal. But having a subtle arch should be. Keeping your brows a little fuller is the best way to look youthful. Add some shape to them by making a small arch & clean up the rest of the brow but still maintaining the fuller look. Use powder to fill in any sparse areas, its bendable & more natural. Use a lighter tone of eyebrow powder, use light pressure.
8. Lips. As we get older you will start to see lips getting thinner. Best way to plump them up is a gloss. Opt for a nude or pink tone. Try to stay away from the darker hues as they tend to pull down your face.
9. Powder. Set your foundation with a translucent, light diffusing powder. Nothing with color/tinted. 10. Eyeshadow. Apply a brightening eyelid primer, MAC pot in Soft Ochre is the perfect shade. Apple your base color, pick a neutral cream\white to brighten up the eyes. With whatever color you use in the crease, apply almost like a square on the outer edge. Most the time you will make a swiping motion back and forth but try to make it a soft square edge. This will lift up the eye lid.

products used::
serum| Murad essential C Advanced radiance serum 

Moisturizer | 
Murad Age Balancing Night cream, used a night cream because it is heavier. 

Primer | 
Eye primer Cover FX

Face primer Becca Backlights Primer 

Foundation | 
Radiant Lifting Foundation
Too Faced born this way 

Concealer | 
Benefit Erase paste (peach concealer to conceal dark spots/dark circles) 
Concealer on top of the peach 
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Neutralizer 

Highlight | 
MAC light boost

Cream contour | 
the sculptor Tarte

Set lightly with Laura Mercier translucent 

Bronzer | 

Blush | 
dainty MAC

Highlighter | 
Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up 
MAC soft & gentle 

Eyes || 
Eye primer : Soft Ochre MAC Paint Pot
Eyeshadows: Morphe  35K 
Eyeliner: MAC eye pencil in black 
waterline : NYX white Jumbo pencil 
Mascara: Smashbox 

Lips ||
MAC Lip Pencil in Soar
Lipstick: MAC in Please Me 
Gerard Cosmetics gloss in Nude 
Use code [kay25] for money off! 

Set with MAC fix+ 


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