September 25, 2013

you are beautiful. you are magical. believe it

do it with l o v e
you don't need to 
move mountains 
to make a difference.

today i'd like to make this post about a gal who absolutely made my day. I received the sweetest email from a gal expressing how i've made a difference in her life & somehow i have found a way to inspire this girl. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the glitz & glamour of style blogging. Focusing on the next fashion trend or what have you. That i tend to forget that it means more to me when someone says i've inspired them, even if it is in the smallest form, than it means to get the hottest bag or cutest jeans. The reason i start all my posts out with a quote is because i love starting with a positive vibe as well as ending as with a positive vibe. Its so important to try our hardest to beam positive and find the good out of every situation. And the power we hold in our words & actions can truly effect someones day. Lets use that power for good, try every day to brighten someone elses day. A kind word goes so far, but gets under used, we become complacent with the idea of not doing|saying kind things. We have made it a habit of not, so much so, that it feels unnatural or uncomfortable giving a compliment. Lets try harder to do it with ease & make it look so effortless that one day it becomes natural & instinctive driven by force of habit.

jacket || Target 
dress || dillards 
booties || rue21

jewels | Sticks & Stones
purse | target 

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