September 23, 2015

s e v e n months || first tooth

Its so hard for me to believe that I have a seven month old. I heard moms say that time flies all the time before i had Oakley but I never realized how fast time slips through my fingers. When she was two months old & i was staying up all night sleeping in a rocking chair while holding her, I thought time was standing still. I would think about her being 6 months thinking it was so far away. Then last month happened, she was 6 months & I can't stop time. The best thing i have on my side is the fact i get to spend every single day & night with her. We have never spent more than two hours apart. Can it be like that till she is 18? Like i can go to school with her right?

Well here are some of my sweet babes milestones. She isn't crawling yet, she hates being on her knees. So she rolls & scoots her little body all around town. Girlfriend has abs of steal under that squishy belly, she can pull herself up like no ones business! She lays flat on the ground & next thing ya know she is sitting up straight. She is starting to pull herself to standing position. I'm not ready for her to be so mobile! 
She got her first tooth! It is the stinkin cutest thing in the world. And the best part is she hasn't been too sassy about it. She cries a little but she is honestly the happiest baby 90 percent of the time. It has cut all the way through & i'm obsessing over it. Her first tooth, ahhh so cute! It looks like the one next to it will come soon too.
She is still sleeping with mom & dad. And if i have any say in it she will stay there forever, i dont think i will ever be ready for her to sleep in her own bed. Her dad thought it was time like 5 months ago. I'm so paranoid that I feel & hear every sound she makes and it just makes me feel like she is the safest next to me. She still hasn't slept through the whole night, bummer. Not even once. I'm sure when it happens i will still be up every hour worried to why she hasn't woken up yet. 
She LOVES her pups, our chocolate lab never leaves her side. He lays with her on the ground & lets her pull his face, ears and tail. Its the cutest. 
Loves bath time, but hates getting dressed after. Still a fan of her swing, jumparoo & door jumper. And her favorite ever is MILK. I'm still BF & hope so much to make it to a year! She eats baby food twice a day & doesn't seem to dislike any kind yet.
She isn't a fan of strangers, at all. She cries her little head right off whenever they try talking to her. 
She hates being put down, we have had a little bit of a struggle trying to get things done but its okay i love the cuddles. She reaches for me & it melts me. I love feeling needed. 
If you ask her where mom, dad, each pup is, she looks right at them.  
The best is she gives kisses! I ask her for kisses & she opens her mouth so big and leans in and puts it on my mouth. I die every time. Drool and all. Yah she drools, a lot. everywhere. 
She is now in 6-9 month clothes | Size 2 diapers | and is currently dressing better than me. 
I want to remember everything about her as a baby, every detail. 



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