June 21, 2017

d e t a i l s.

so many d e t a i l s .
k lets talk about the fact i am 33 weeks pregnant today. okay what! 7 weeks left. I dont even know what to think at this moment, other than I am so excited to meet our little baby girl, have oaks be the best big sister & how much i will miss my bump. Also, that i feel way less prepared with this one than i did with Oaks. I seriously bought anything & everything when i was pregnant with Oakley. This time i am being a little more conservative about what i buy. But it is taking me forever to buy those things ha, i'm acting like i have months & months left. k i dont. 
Also, i have been living in dresses lately. They fit my bump & are so comfy. I was pregnant in the winter with Oakley so i didnt have to worry about the hot summer days. & let me tell you, its on another level hot when you are pregnant in the summer. So dresses are my jam. I paired this cute jacket with this dress for cooler summer evenings. I am obsessed. Scroll down for some cute pictures with my little photo bomber & all outfit deets. 

sunnies :: BP || jacket Blank NYC || dress, old from Hope Ave similar here || purse Revolve || boots old from mattise similar here

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  1. Omg how freakin cute is she 😍 I can't even imagine how hot you feel right now , but you are definitely looking like a hot mama! Hope you have a great weekend love and God bless!