May 18, 2017

mango coral

 Mango Coral
hello third trimester. 28 weeks this week. How incredibly crazy is that? I cant believe how fast this pregnancy is going by. I love my bump & will seriously miss it like crazy. But i am thrilled to meet our second little girl. Crazy thing is, i hated being pregnant with Oakley. I complained probably the whole time. I would always say "I'm not meant to be a pregnant person" I feel so ashamed to ever think that. Babies are the greatest blessing. I think having Oakley, seeing the miracle of birth has completely changed my mind. I told my husband last night how much i love being pregnant and how wonderful this pregnancy has been..hes all "yah but you got sick a lot" & honestly i remember times i would throw up with a smile on my face. I would be so grateful to be throwing up, that meant my baby was in there alive + well. I truly am so grateful to carry this baby & to have carried Oakley. It is definitely something i will never take for granted + always be grateful for. 

oaks outfit || romper Childhoods Clothing
my tee [ on sale! $40] Free People
dress [ $12] Forever 21
shoes Steve Madden

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