September 10, 2014

happy hump day, bump day!

Currently //
sleeping in
eating for two
taking naps
having pickles
early betimes.

Well this is why i have been so MIA lately. We are expecting! We couldn't possibly be more
excited. I have always known I am meant to be a mother. Its been a little bit of a struggle, but 
i know it will all be worth it. I've had some complications & really haven't been feeling that well 
so thats why i haven't been blogging as much. So i apologize for being such a stinkin' slacker but i am hoping to start blogging a lot more now! I haven't been a trendy mom to be like i had hoped because 
i've just felt so sick and gross. Carrying a child within yourself is unlike any feeling i have ever
experienced & its a miracle itself. But if we are being honest here, its a little depressing right?
the gaining weight, body changes, everything that comes with the changing of your physical appearance is something i'm not use to. But i will be the first to admit i am a little more vain than most. 
One thing is for sure, i could have no chosen a better husband to go through this journey with. He is
truly incredible. & we cannot wait to squeeze our little peanut. 

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