June 24, 2014


I take you, to be my lawfully wedded lucky-wishbone,
my little baby, best-friend, and love of my life,
whom i solemnly swear
to love and to cherish
from this day forward,
for better and especially for worse
to rill your heart full of hell yes
when thats what you need most,
to kiss you so damn hard it starts a
hurricane on the other side of the earth.
Our love will be bare-knuckled, 
bloodied, baby, brazen like a street brawl.

So i tied the knot 06.14.14 to this incredibly handsome man.
by far the best decision i have ever made. i know all the heart break 
in my past led up to this moment. every wrong guy, every sob on the bathroom 
floor thinking i'd never survive the pain has all been worth it. He makes me a better 
person and i know every newlywed says they are the luckiest girl in the world,
but if you knew Charlie you'd know exactly how lucky i am. He is such a genuinely
good person, the best person i've ever known. his patience and heart inspire me every 
day. Not to mention, how handsome is he? Good grief, he is such a babe!
& i couldnt resist the chance to upload a few sneak peeks of our wedding photos.
photography |   Perrywinkle Photography you will hear me brag about Lauren a million more
times because she is incredibly talented!! she captured every moment & beyond!
hair\makeup | by yours truly 

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