April 13, 2014

{ bare skin }

Bare Skin 
Pure Brightening Serum Foundation 

I was so beyond exciting when i found out that bareMinerals was coming out
with a liquid|serum foundation! My skin was praising the heavens! My skin
is dry & always looking for a quench of hydration whenever possible. 
I do love their Original Powder foundation [ shade: Medium Beige] but 
having skin on the drier side i was a little concerned that i wasn't able to
build the coverage, you know on those days when you have more to hide then others,
without making it look cakey. 
So you can imagine my excitement when this product introduced itself to me. 
FREAKING OUT! And also wondering if it would live up to the 
expectations and holy grailness i have built up in my mind. 
And it is safe to say IT DOES! It really really does. 
Pure brightening serum is the perfect description for this product.
It is a luminous glowing dream foundation! 
Not to mention is it so good for you skin! 
This is an absolute MUST-HAVE product. 

in order what i used || all bareMineral products

[1] Prime Time BB primer-cream in {medium}
[2] pure brightening serum foundation
[3] very light layer of original foundation in {medium beige}
[4] dust Illuminating Veil everywhere

this changes everything

xoxo beauties!

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