November 10, 2013

a real eye opener ◦◦

the bigger the better. the brighter the best.

oh hey bright eyes! make those beautiful peepers of yours sparkle a little brighter & open a little wider. its amazing the illusions makeup can create for us. Eyes, in my opinion, are the most important part on our face. they see all the beauty the world has to offer. they captivate unspoken words & emotions. they say our eyes are windows to our souls. so why not make em' tell a brighter & bigger story? here are the products | links to the products to do just that. 
i like both the MAKE gel eyeliner & the powder highshine bareMinerals Highshine in Goldmetal 
in this photo i have on the bareminerals 
Smashbox Photo Op Mascara i love this mascara! The long-wearing formula of micas, titanium, and blue pigments makes the whites of your eyes pop, while Blue Prism Technology brightens for an open-eye effect
Bobbi Brown Mascara clearly you should use any black mascara. this is just my first choice. But i HIGHLY recommend the smashbox brightening mascara. 
want another incredble brightening trick? 
of course you do!
add some of these drops to make those babies illuminate!
Rohto Cooling Drops (find at local drugstore..score!)

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