August 20, 2013

do better.

 i sure apologize for the absence of my posts lately. I got some sort of flu bug & my computer crashed, the list goes on. So my frustration level as been off the charts as of late. But i realized how much i attention i was giving the negative when it deserved none at all & was taking for granted all the good & not giving it the attention it deserved. It is honestly amazing how much you can take for granted even the simplest things. Like your health, when you're sick you say to yourself how grateful you will be when you feel better, but how long does that last? Realistically? If you can say you make sure to show or be grateful for your health every single day, i honestly admire you & strive for that goal. And every time you turn your computer on, do you say a little thank you? But when it craps the bed, those are the seconds you start feeling all that gratitude. Or how about your car? I realize a lot more people are incredible grateful for their vehicle & do a very good job showing it. This has week my back window in my car got busted by construction. Second time this year my windows have been broken, so what do i do? Have a small breakdown/pity party crying about how can someone have this bad of luck? But really is that bad luck or unfortunate events? I mean is it completely awful not being able to drive your car? of course it is. But where was all the love and appreciation for the car when i was able to drive it? Yah sometimes, but i didnt dwell on the positive of having it nearly as much as i have been dwelling on the negative of not having it. I'm sorry for the rambles, & completely understand if you have stopped reading after the second sentance. There really is a moral of this, and thats if we didnt have those bad things happen to us how can we ever appreciate all the good life has to offer us? Ponder on that one. 

dress| Gyspy 05 

once again, i am expressing my love for Little Miss Obsessive this is another one of her incredible headbands that i am absolutely in love with! It has stretch to it, can be worn multiple ways & come on look how beautiful it is! shes pretty amazing right? check out her website 
or instagram @Lmissobsessive 

with this look i wanted to switch things up & i did a cute little messy bob. dont worry i didnt chop my hair off, ya right that will never happen. I just tucked it under in the back. If you guys want to see a turtoral, let me know!