June 2, 2013


If you are anything like me you have been searching for the one highlighter that will glide on like silk, give you that angel essence when the light catches it the right way. But not in the way that your trying too hard, the exact amount that leaves you with subtle yet impressionable glow.
You know exactly what I’m talkin’ about huh?
Well your in luck because i’m not gonna be greedy about my revelation.

seriously, huge thank you to nars for being on top of their game and really knowing how to get things done. 
now below is a picture of how i highlight & the placements. i'll be doing a contouring post soon.

✺brow bone  ✺high peak of cheek bone down to lip line  ✺down both lip "smile lines"   ✺line above top lip line  ✺middle of chin ✺down bridge of nose  ✺middle of forehead  

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