May 25, 2013

pearly whites

I have been getting quite a bit of requests to do a post on how i get/maintain my teeth so white. So here i am spilling all my dirty little secrets. 
I am a certified dental assistant & have a small obsession with keeping my teeth in tip/top shape! 
i've tried the dental whitening trays(they make my teeth SO sensitive) i've gotten them zoom whitened 5 years ago & didnt really see that big of a difference. I do like the Crest Whitening 2 Hour Strips, my dentist actually recommended using them once a month to maintain the whiteness, but they seem to make my teeth a little sensitive also. & they can be quick to eat enamel off your pearly whites so be careful & try not to use them too often. 
lets not forget the most important thing about pretty teeth is to brush them at least twice a day & floss. Seriously though flossing close to your gums not only helps prevent plaque build up but it pushes up your gums (in a healthy way) so you have a good contrast between pink gums & your white teeth. When you dont floss like that your gums can fold over your teeth with a greyish tint to them & make your teeth look not so white. 
but what has worked the best for me is 2 or 3 times a week after i brush my teeth i put hydrogen peroxide (dont worry it wont you hurt) on a cotton ball & set it on my teeth for about 60-80 seconds it takes off all the stains & just brightens them up. For more intense whitening you can do it everyday for a week but no more than 80 seconds! 
& use a a good enamel tooth paste to prevent loss in enamel. 
i love sensodyne pro namel gentle whitening.

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