April 22, 2013

fetching picturesque springtime sunday

 ”Search me, O God and know my heart.* 
yesterdays lesson in Relief Society was such a strong message & really spoke to me. Weather or not you are LDS really is irrelevant, the core significance in this lesson is something i believe, EVERYONE can benefit from.
When we look at someone right now, we can’t see all of them. We can’t see the things that make them happy or the things that make them sad. Neither can we see their intentions or their desires. But God can. And when we are judged, those are among the primary things that God will look at.
Let’s have beautiful hearts. And loving hearts. And strong hearts. And brave hearts. And tender hearts. And firm hearts. And intelligent hearts. And every other good kind of heart. Not because we hope others will sense it somehow, or even because we know that God will, but because it is nice to have a nice heart, and will help make us a more Godlike people, a more Zion people–with one heart.

dress: Target
shoes: Jessica Simpson Waleo Platform Pumps
(dont mind charlies relaxed clothing for Sunday, he forgot his church shoes haha)

character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.
my father is the ideal definition of what integrity is. They say you never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. In my mind, he has really lived because he has done things for others without hesitation, without any personal gain, never accepting or expecting anything in return. Solely for the reason to serve others. To be more Christlike. He is the most humble man i know, he has more than he shows & speaks less than he knows. & the simple fact that if he reads this he would be upset that i put any spotlight or praise upon him, because to him that doesnt matter. He doesnt do things for the praise or recognition, he tries his hardest to make sure he doesn't receive any.
There are those who take a vast amount of pains to be favorably known by those around them, but whose real character, or the inwardness so speak, of such people, is veiled or disguised. "the idea is not to do good because of the praise of men (or women); but to do good because in doing good we develop godiness within us." 


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